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Calypso Treehouse

A treehouse surrounded by a forest of firs, pines and oaks and build around two Douglas Firs and 25 feet from the ground. A tiny treehouse, that will have a magical atmosphere in winter near Cave Junction in Oregon (USA). (more…)

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The TreeLibrary

What would you do, if a tree in your garden dies? (more…)

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A treehouse in Georgetown

A treehouse in Georgetown

When dreams come true! (more…)

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Appalachian Christmas Treehouse

A treehouse for Christmas is for sure a big gift!
HomeTreeHome wants to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with this post!

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An American snowy Treehouse

An American snowy Treehouse

Another Treehouse in winter! (more…)

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A Treehouse in Seattle

A Treehouse in Seattle

If you have just two trees close one to the other and you would like to have a treehosue but you can’t imagine how this could be, this is another example of treehouse built between two trees from Pete Nelson‘s team. (more…)

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The Osprey Treehouse

A wonderful treehouse located in Washington, the best place where you can relax and enjoy the nature around you. A treehouse with an interesting story in its name… (more…)

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Mossy Bench Treehouse

Mossy Bench is a big treehouse in the middle of the woods close to Santa Cruz (California, USA) where you can relax or have romantic moments with your partner. (more…)

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Treehouse Canopy Room

Like in Will Smith song, this treehouse is screaming you: “Welcome to Miami / Bienvenidos a Miami(more…)

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Trillium Treehouse

A treehouse signed by the American Barefoot Builders. (more…)

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