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Cherry Treeresort

A treehouse 30 feet above the ground in North Carolina (USA), with an incredible story behind. (more…)

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Les Toits du Monde

I love snow and I love when everything is cover and white.
You can’t really recognize what is under it. You can just see the shape and you can imagine what’s under of it because of your experience. I also think that the same object or house as a value more with the snow. It’s like in a fairytale , everything is more enchanting!
Look for instance at this treehouse in spring/summer-season and in…

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Dihan Evasion Treehouses

If you are looking for an eco friendly holiday in the South of Brittany in France, you could sleep in one of these wonderful treehouses. (more…)

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Playa Selva Treehouse

Have you ever slept in a Banyan Tree surrounded by monkeys? If not, you should keep on reading! (more…)

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Domaine de Robinson Bungalarbre

Domaine de Robinson Bungalarbre

A treehouse and the Caribbean Sea: a dream that can come true! (more…)

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