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News from the Klopfhof’s treehouse

News from the Klopfhof’s treehouse

A small update from the Klopfhof’s treehouse has come! (more…)

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Express Yourself Retreat

Have you ever dreamt of a special holiday, where you can have no stress and a lot of time for you surrounding by the nature and of course having the opportunity to sleep in a treehouse? (more…)

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Kick-Start your Week! I wish I could have som…

Kick-Start your Week!

I wish I could have something like this in my forest to chill and read and enjoy the surrounding nature!

Edo’s Treehouse in Cilento

Edo’s Treehouse in Cilento

Summer is coming, kids are playing outside, or at least they should play outside and a lot of treehouses are growing on the trees! (more…)

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Tree Houses You Can Actually Build book

Tree Houses You Can Actually Build book

Recently I received a wonderful book from my sister that I always dreamt to have it!
Even if it’s quite difficult to find it, she discovered it at the Design Week in Milan (Italy). (more…)

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Red Kite Tree Tent

Red Kite Tree Tent

A lot of different Tree-tent-houses exist, with different shapes and forms. (more…)

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A treehouse on a house A Treehouse on a house…

A treehouse on a house

A Treehouse on a house in Fukushima! A lovely treehouse drawing, with the elegant light colors typical of the Japanese style.

Les Ormes Treehouse Resort

Les Ormes Treehouse Resort

One of the biggest treehouse resort of the world with an interesting story behind! (more…)

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A treehouse in Reykjavik

A treehouse in Reykjavik

I’ve always said that if you look around you, you can find many surprises and…treehouses! (more…)

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Julyette Seydoux Treehouse

Every artist has is own idea of treehouse, it’s quite interesting to see the different interpretation of it. (more…)

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