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Consortium Instabile Treehouse

It’s 5 years that I write this blog and I saw many treehouses of different shapes, with different functions and built for different purposes. It’s something incredible and every time I’m surprised and impressed finding out how any things people can build on a tree! (more…)

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L’architettura degli alberi book

L’architettura degli alberi book

If to make a treehouse you need a tree, to project a treehouse you need a really good book of trees! (more…)

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The duplex treehouse What about a treehouse w…

The duplex treehouse

What about a treehouse where to reach it you have to enter the trunk?

Stairway to treehouse

All the stairs lead to the treehouse! (more…)

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Duncan’s Treehouse Vase

Duncan’s Treehouse Vase

Xmas is coming soon and Duncan created something very special and magical that can be a perfect gift for all the treehouse-lovers! (more…)

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Zuricher Treehouse Artist Wanted

Zuricher Treehouse Artist Wanted

Last weekend I was walking around in Zurich when something strange captured my attention. (more…)

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I don’t wanna grow up! Usually treehouses are…

I don’t wanna grow up!

Usually treehouses are for kids, but a normal kid couldn’t have such a big treehouse!

Kids Rulez Treehouse 2

Kids Rulez Treehouse 2

Another example where adults are not allowed to enter a treehouse is this one! (more…)

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Hometreehome on MoCu magazine

Hometreehome on MoCu magazine

I’m really happy and proud of being interviewed from “MoCu magazine“.  (more…)

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Kids Rulez Treehouse

A treehouse is like a castle for the kids it was like this also for me, my sister and my cousins, no adults were allowed to come in! (more…)

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