Vajol Treehouse. A small treehouse built as a…

Vajol Treehouse. A small treehouse built as a shelter and a playhouse for kids. It integrates itself with the tree completely, and there are a lot of brunches going through it without compromising the liveability of the internal space. The main shape of the tree, the position and alignment of the branches generated the shape of the treehouse, the sloping wall, the arrival balcony, and the shape of the roof. The stairs and two timber poles help the delicate kaki-tree (Asian Persimmon tree) to hold the treehouse. Located in the property of Rubinelli Wine Cellar, Valpolicella region, Italy, Europe.

The project was finished in one month by two workers from treetopbuilder team. It is made of 2.15 mc of timber. Also, more than 700 screws have been used in the making.